Are Cane Corso Good Guard Dogs?

Are you thinking of getting a guard dog? It seems that Cane Corso has a great reputation when it comes to this ”job”.

Cane Corsos can be great guard dogs since they are very clever, always on alert, naturally protective, loyal, and very strong dogs. However, early socialization, full obedience training, a true commitment of the owner, and a powerful bond between Corso and its humans are necessary to make Cane Corso a good guard dog.

Are Cane Corso Naturally Protective?

Cane Corso is a naturally protective dog. This breed is born with a strong protection drive. Even its name suggests this purpose – Cane means Dog in Italian and Corso comes from the Latin word ”Chors” which means a protector. So it’s pretty clear that this breed is naturally protective and these beautiful and powerful animals have been great guard dogs throughout history.

How To Train A Cane Corso to Guard?

Cane Corso dog, like many other breeds, need different kinds of training but this dog doesn’t need to be trained to become a guard dog. This comes naturally.

However, a young Cane Corso should be trained in good manners and a cool demeanor among people. Early socialization and full obedience training are a must otherwise it will be difficult to handle CC when he grows up and he won’t be a reliable companion and good guard dog.

CC dogs are pretty territorial and if not trained properly could become aggressive. If not socialized at an early age, they won’t be good with other dogs, even with other people.

It’s very important to build a strong bond with your young Corso, to teach him to respect you. These dogs are willing to accept any place in the ”pack” you assign for them as long as they see you as an assertive, firm, and good leader of the pack.

You are the one who has to establish the hierarchy which will include other members of the household too. Cane Corso puppies are easy to teach, they like to work with their owners, eager to please so make the most of it.

Be aware of the fact that your CC puppy shouldn’t be afraid of you at any moment, physical punishment is forbidden since your CC might become aggressive and lose respect for you. Positive reinforcement is the best way to go.

What Makes a Cane Corso Good Guard Dog?

Cane Corso dogs are good guard dogs by nature. What are those characteristics that make them good?

First of all, these dogs are highly responsible. They know what is theirs and they are highly motivated by that responsibility to protect their property, home, humans…

Since they are naturally protective, they are less distracted than other breeds, always on alert, very observant and aware of their surroundings.

Cane Corso dogs don’t forget what they have been through in the past. They use both experience and their intelligence to make a proper decision on what needs to be done in a particular situation.

CC dogs are able to show different levels of protection. They are very good at assessing risk. They won’t react the same way if a stranger comes near your fence or if somebody tries to grab your child’s hand.

Cane Corso dogs are very powerful, large dogs that have intimidating and very serious looks.

Should I Have Male or Female Cane Corso As a Guard Dog?

If you are not sure what gender of Cane Corso to choose, ask yourself another question. Did you have a dog or this will be your first one? Who do you need to protect – your home or a person? These are very important questions

Both genders are naturally protective, strong and brave. Both genders are great with kids which makes them good family pets. Females are more affectionate, attentive and obedient, easier to train and less territorial which makes them perfect guard dogs for a person.

Females are a better choice for first-time dog owners. Males, on the other hand, are more territorial and larger in size which suggests that they are perfect home guard dogs.

While females prefer to follow each step of their owners, males are more likely to wander off if not on the leash. However, both genders are good guard dogs.

Do You Really Need A Guard Dog Like Cane Corso?

The man-stopping power of a Cane Corso is immense. One of the Cane Corso owners ( John ”Ask the Dog Guy” Wade) explained this very well: ”It’s like you buy a gun but a very powerful one and with a brain”. So you should reconsider, do you really need a powerful gun with the brain? Will be able to commit ( but really to commit) to this dog, to its training? How many people walking on your property or through your home requires the man-stopping power of Cane Corso?

Most people need a dog that will act as an alarm or deterrent, alerting the family that something suspicious is going on. For this, you don’t need Cane Corso.

Note that the Cane Corso dog is born with the instinct to protect. If not trained and guided properly, he might become an aggressive and dangerous dog.

A responsible CC owner will ensure his /her puppy goes through a socialization process and extensive obedience training. If so, adult CC will know how to behave in every situation and won’t pose a threat to ordinary people and other animals who are not a real threat.

Don’t forget that the right person to train your dog is YOU. It is easier to hire someone to do your job, but in this case, it’s completely wrong. Your Cane Corso needs to learn that you are the leader of the pack, that you are the one who should respect, listen and protect.

Since this is a large and intelligent dog, he requires a great amount of training and commitment, think again, do you really need this kind of a guard dog.

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