Can Bloodhounds Be Kept Outside?

Anyone who has Bloodhounds has asked himself, at least once- ”should I keep my Bloodhound outside?”. It’s a fairly common dilemma when you know how much this breed likes to spend time outside. But spending time outside is not the same as living outside.

Although Bloodhounds like to spend time in nature, they shouldn’t be kept outside. There is no such thing is as an outdoor dog. Bloodhound has a very deep, loud voice/bark so keeping him outside you risk a good relationship with the neighbors. Since Bloodhounds have excellent tracking abilities, keeping them outdoor, gives them the opportunity to wander off and get lost.

Should I Keep My Bloodhound Outside?

You shouldn’t let your Bloodhound live outside. Bloodhounds are large dogs that need a lot of physical exercises. It’s true that they need a large enclosed area where they can play and run around but during the night, they should be inside with their human family.

Why I Shouldn’t Keep My Bloodhound Outside?

Bloodhounds are very loud dogs although not being known as too-vocal canines. If left unsupervised, outside, they can bark which may bring you a lot of trouble with the neighbors.

Bloodhounds have a very sharp sense of smell. Can you believe that their sense of smell is 1000 times stronger than ours?

Another exceptional feature about Bloodhounds is that they are capable to follow the scent trail for more than 130 miles! Do you know what does it mean?

It means, that if you leave your Bloodhound to sleep outside and his nose catches some scent, due to very high drive, he will do whatever it takes to follow that scent trail. Even if that means that he needs to run away ( of course if he is not on a leash).

Bloodhounds are very affectionate and social dogs. They like spending time with their humans. They can be very docile, loving pets although they tend to have dominating personalities.

Bloodhounds are great with kids and should be considered as part of the family. You don’t leave a member of your family to sleep outside, alone, during the night, right?

Why Some People Prefer Keeping Bloodhounds Outside

Some people may decide to keep their Bloodhounds outside due to the nasty doggy smell they spread around. All scenthounds have that specific odor that many people consider unpleasant and that’s why prefer keeping their dogs outside.

Besides the bad smell, Bloodhounds have a tendency to snore and drool a lot.

Bloodhounds are not couch potatoes. They used to be hardworking dogs and even today they are very wanted for police work.

Bloodhounds have a high level of energy, especially younger ones ( till 2 years old), and if they are not properly stimulated (mentally and physically), they can be very destructive.

Knowing all that, some people think that a Bloodhound will do better outside, having a lot of space for running and playing than inside. Although this is true, Bloodhounds can spend most of the day outside but should stay inside during the night.

Can Bloodhounds Handle Cold Weather?

If you are positive that you should keep your Bloodhound outside, it’s important to know how they handle cold weather.

Bloodhounds have a warm coat and thick skin that provide them with good insulation during cold days. They feel pretty comfortable until the temperatures drop below 45F. If it’s colder than that, they might start feeling cold. If it goes below 30C maybe it’s better for your Bloodhound to stay inside.

They can handle high temperatures as well, but they are not big fans of hot weather.

Do Bloodhounds Need Fenced Yard?

Absolutely! Bloodhounds do need a fenced yard. Although you will do your best to teach your Hound to recall, don’t rely on it. This breed will obey only in enclosed, fenced areas. Since they are easily distracted by different scents, plus they have a tendency to express dominating personality, it’s clear that they can easily slip away if not kept in the enclosed yard.

How Much Room Does a Bloodhound Need?

Bloodhounds need a lot of space ( they are quite energetic and vigorous), that’s why they shouldn’t live in the apartment (a spacious house is a better option). Since they need a lot of space, some people think they should stay outside. But if they spend enough time outside during the day, have regular daily physical activity, will have no problem living in a smaller living space.

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