Do Cane Corsos Bite Their Owners?

When you think about getting a dog breed ( Cane Corso) that is considered potentially dangerous and aggressive, it’s normal to raise the question – if my CC will ever bite /attack me, as his owner? The question becomes even more important if there are children around.

Cane Corso dogs usually don’t bite/attack their owners. However, these dogs are very strong and their bite may cause great damage. Cane Corso dogs can bite their owners if they are not socialized properly or if they are mistreated.

Why Cane Corso Bite Thier Owners?

First of all, when you think about getting Cane Corso as a pet, do think about the place where you will get him/her from.

This should be reputable breeders that conduct all necessary health tests on breeding dogs, that are careful with the genetics they are working with before selecting a breeding pair, as well as how they handle the puppies before selling them.

A reputable breeder would treat Cane Corso puppies as they should be treated ( with care, providing early socialization, not encouraging aggression…)

If Cane Corso was poorly socialized he might never learn how to behave around people and other animals. The first 16 weeks of a puppy’s life are very important. If Cane Corso was held in a kennel or locked in his new home during this time, without going out, meeting new people, and getting in touch with other animals he might miss a chance to socialize properly.

Poorly socialized Cane Corso will grow up in a nervous, scared, potentially aggressive, and dangeorus dog that can attack anyone, even his owner.

Cane Corsos are naturally dominant dogs. If you don’t impose yourself as a leader of the ”pack”, on some occasions your dog may attack/ bite you. To avoid this dangerous situation, start with obedience training as early as possible.

Don’t wait for your dog to hit certain age as it’s much easier to teach and handle a younger /smaller Cane Corso than an adult, a big and strong dog.

Obedience training is the best tool to decrease your Corso’s chance of showing dominance aggression which can result in attacking/biting you or any other member of your family.

Don’t encourage your Corso’s aggression. If he shows any signs of aggression, even the mild one like staring down your neighbor/friend don’t ignore it.

Show him that this behavior is not acceptable. If your Corso’s aggression gets out of control it will be harder to handle it later. An aggressive dog may bite its owner as well. This kind of dog poses a threat for all people and animals around.

Some people like to have an intimidating, ”angry” dog that is always ready to attack. There are a lot of misconceptions about how to raise these dogs.

Some ignorant people do give advice like ”you shouldn’t cuddle your Cane Corso too much when he is a puppy, don’t let other people cuddle your little Corso, don’t let him get in touch with too many different people… Keep your Corso locked during the day and let him out only in the evening...,, These are all big mistakes!

First of all, do think twice do you really want to have a ”dangerous, angry dog”? Second of all, getting in touch with other people allow your dog to grow into a properly socialized canine that won’t be shy and potentially aggressive to strange people.

Keeping a Corso locked will increase his anxiety, he might become nervous since Cane Corso needs open space, and as a result, you might end up with an aggressive dog that won’t have issues biting you or anyone from your family.

Cane Corso that was mistreated, that was raised to be ”angry”, where the owner encouraged aggression and overly protective attitude can easily become a very dangerous dog that won’t hesitate to bite even the owner.

Is Can Corso Vicious?

Cane Corso is not born viciuos. Cane Corso is not a genetic malice breed. But in the wrong hands, with the irresponsible owner, that either treats Corso bad or doesn’t treat him at all, this beautiful dog may have some behavioral changes that can be interpreted as a sign of malice.

Is Cane Corso Agressive Breed?

Cane Corso is not born aggressive but can easily become aggressive since these dogs are very territorial and possessive. In addition to this, they have a strong guarding nature which may result in aggressive behavior.

That’s why it’s important to socialize your Corso puppy very early, to guide him through extensive obedience training, to make sure you impose yourself as a leader, and never to encourage aggressiveness in your dog.

Tips To Prevent Biting and Aggression in Your Cane Corso

Cane Corso is a beautiful dog that can be a great companion but note that if not raised properly, your cute little Corso will turn into a shy, distrustful, unpredictable, and possible aggressive big dog.

To avoid this, make sure you follow these basic steps most Cane Corso experts suggest :

  • Please note that Cane Corso is not a simple pet. When you have one, it’s more like you have a very time-consuming hobby more than you have just a pet. Be prepared to dedicate your time and effort to Corso’s training sessions. Start with obedience training as early as you can.
  • Make sure you start with the socialization process as early as possible. The first 16 weeks are crucial. Let your puppy come into the contact with different people, animals, situations, sounds, smells… If you keep him locked, not letting him get in touch with the world he may become very shy which is the first step to aggressiveness.
  • Impose yourself as a leader of the pack. Corso puppies are so cute that people sometimes make a big mistake treating them as small children instead of dogs. If you do that, your Corso will start seeing you more as a roomate, so someone equal to him which is not good. If you want your Corso grow into calm, obedient dog that won’t attack people and animals without a good reason then you need to be a leader rather then a friend to your dog.
  • Teach bite inhibition. Your puppy will go through mouthing phase. If you don’t show him during this play bite phase that his biting is hurting you and that is not acceptable, you risk to end up with a large dog that can bite you just for fun or unintentionally. You either say firm NO when he tries to bite you or you can produce a high-pitched sound to make him understand that he is hurting you. Additionally, stop playing with him, at least for a couple of minutes as when his looses your attention he will understand that he has done something wrong. Young Corso will do his best not to make a mistake again.
  • As soon as you notify even the mildest form of aggression, you need to stop it. Show your dog that that behaviour is not acceptable.

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