How To Tell If Your Hamster is Boy or Girl? Which One You Should Get?

It is not always easy to determine the gender of your hamster but it is very important especially if you have Dwarf hamsters that usually live in pairs or smaller groups. Don’t rely on pet shop sellers as they can inform you incorrectly about your pet’s sex which can cause unwanted pregnancy and babies you simply don’t know what to do with.

The easiest way to determine your pet’s sex is to look for its genitalia. Both males and females have two openings/spots on the lower belly area. The main difference is that in males the distance between those spots is larger than in females and usually covered with hairs. Females don’t have hairs in that area.

Keep reading this article and discover the easiest way to identify your pet’s sex. Also learn more about their characteristics and temper. If you have doubts hope this research will help you decide whether you want to have female or male hamsters.

Hamster Males vs Females – Physical Differences to Help You Define the Gender

. As previously said, to determine the gender of your hamster look at his/her private parts, or at least at the area where they should be. Everything is so tiny on hamsters but you should be able to track small openings.

The openings you see in females are vagina and anus. In males, you cannot really see the penis but you see something like a belly button and another spot is the anus.

In some hamster, you will be able to notice 6 pairs of nipples which are firm proof that your are holding female, as males don’t have nipples. It also might happen that the nipples area is covered with dense fur so you cannot see well.

Male hamsters have fairly large testicles, easy to spot but bear in mind that hamsters are able to retract them inside of the body. This can happen if the hamster is feeling cold. So if you cannot see hamster’s balls do not be 100% sure that is not a male.

How To Determine Hamster’s Gender if Hamster is Not Tamed?

You should try to define the gender of your pet while it is still in the pet shop. Of course, someone from the pet shop will inform you about the gender but it is better to double check by your self.

The problem is how can you do that if your future pet is not tamed? It is not easy to hold an animal that has not been domesticated.

To work around this problem I found this great advice. Here is what you can do, take the plastic travel container with you or buy one in the pet shop. Put the hamster in it ( it should be completely empty, no bedding, or anything else) and try to find some gender proof by lifting up the container and looking at the bottom. It shouldn’t be too hard to notice some of the gender characteristics.

You are Still Not Sure About the Gender of Your Hamster, What to Do?

If you buy two or more hamsters and you are not sure whether they are girls or boys, just make sure their genitalia look the same. That way you will prevent unwanted litters.

You follow all the steps but you still are not certain about your pet’s sex. You can consult your vet ( specialized for exotic animals ) or you can simply ask for help in some of the hamster forums ( Hamster Hideout for example). You can take picture of your furry ball’s lower belly area and share with people on the forum, I am sure somebody will help you determine your hammy’s gender.

Hamster Males vs Females – Behavioral and Other Differences – Which One You Should Get?

You may run into the fact that hamster boys are easy-going and girls aggressive and nervous. After a long discussion with several hamster owners who had both genders, I can say that this statement is not completely true.

There are hamster females that are very calm and kind and males which are very energetic and crazy so everything depends on the hamster itself.

Even though every hamster has its own personality it is said that males like to cuddle more than females (although don’t expect from any hamster to snuggle on your chest and remain there for some time, they simply like to be in the constant move).

Females can also be more passionate about their territory than males. Hamster girls tend to bite more often then males.

Some owners will tell you that females smell worse than males, especially when they are in heat ( female goes into heat every 4 days). Well, this also depends on the hamster itself ( some hamsters smell more than others ) and your nose, how sensitive you are.

Of course, lousy hygiene can also cause bad smell( different kinds of smell), no matter you have male or female, that is why cage cleaning ( once a week) and change of bedding on regular basis are also important to prevent smell.

On the other hand, it is said that male urine has a stronger smell then the female’s but come on, be honest, every urine stinks.

Female hamsters are more prone to reproductive organ diseases ( usually tumors, cysts ). If you see that your female is bleeding from her private parts, consult a vet. This kind of bleeding has nothing to do with periods and she needs medical attention and therapy. If you would like to know more about hamster’s periods and how do they look like, do read our article ”Do Hamsters Get Periods?”

Some owners reported that when it comes to Chinese hamsters, although there is no big difference in physical appearance nor temper and personality, it is easier to keep two or more males and pairs of a small group of females. It is said that males fight less than females.

Of course in any breed, ( except for Syrians that must be kept alone, never in pairs) fights can happen and the owner must be prepared to react and separate ”enemies”. The similar situation you might have if you keep Campbell’s hamsters, males get along better, females are fighting more often.

If you have decided which gender you prefer, maybe you still have doubts about the hamster’s breed you would like to have. If so, do read our article What Type of Hamster Should I get?”

Final Thought

I hope this article was helpful and that you will easily determine the gender of a hamster you would like to buy.

The question of whether you should have male or female is more complex though. Every hamster has its own personality. Not all females are aggressive but also not all males are nice and calm.

Every hamster is a unique experience but what’s important that you enjoy sharing your time and love with some little, cute furry ball.

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