Is Maltipoo Good Choice as a Family Dog?

Maltipoo is an adorable cross-breed dog. He is a mix of purebred Poodle and Maltese. This dog’s average weight is around 12 pounds, he is smaller in size( 8-14 inches ) and should be bringing happiness to your life for more than a decade as Maltipoo’s average lifespan is around 12 years.

Maltipoo is a great choice for a family dog. This lapdog is a fun-loving, affectionate, devoted, and intelligent pet. He gets along very well with kids ( although not recommended for families with kids younger than 6 years old), other dogs, and pets. He is an excellent companion dog therefore would be a lovely asset to an empty-nest family or elderly people in general.

Curios to know more about Maltipoos, their temperament and how they fit in the family? Willing to bring this bundle of joy to your home but not sure how he will react to your kids and vice versa?

Asking yourself how to build a harmonious relationship between your Maltipoo and your kids? You have elderly parents that live alone and need some kind of joyful distraction. Is Maltipoo the right choice for them? Keep reading to find out…

Does Maltipoo Fit In The Family With Kids?

Maltipoo is a very social dog and gets along very well with kids. However, this dog is a rather small one so it is not recommended to have Maltipoo in a family with small kids.

Kids younger than 6 years old are not capable to handle pets properly so unless their interaction is not strictly supervised, Maltipoo can get seriously injured. On the other hand, Maltipoo also can lose patience with younger kids as they can be rough sometimes.

Children that are 6 years old or more have learned that animals have feelings too and how to be more careful with them.

No matter the age, I strongly advise you to always be around your kids during the interaction with a dog.

You should discourage your kids ( and visitors if necessary) from carrying your Maltipoo. If dropped even from a small height, the dog can suffer from fractures.

How To Help Your Kids To Build The Harmonious Relationship with Your Maltipoo?

A good relationship between your kids and your Maltipoo is essential. It won’t be built up overnight, it is something you should be working on it for some time but it’s definitely worth it!

If your kid had an unpleasant interaction with a dog in his/her early age, that can lead to long-term fear of dogs. On the other hand, if a dog had only frustrating and traumatic experiences with kids in the past, the dog will develop fear of kids and will feel the need to defend himself every time he is around kids. This is not a good starting point.

Fortunately you will probably adopt a puppy with no previous experience with kids and hopefully your kids didn’t have any unpleasant canine encounter.

You have to learn both parties to associate each other with positive things. For example, teach the kids to handle the dog gently and calmly. If they want to play with him, maybe to teach him some tricks, encourage them to reward a dog with treats. This way Maltipoo will learn that kids mean yummy treats.

In case you notice that Maltipoo grabs the food, it is better to show your kids how to throw a treat to a dog rather than allow him to take a treat from their hand.

It is very important to learn the signs your dog feels uncomfortable. Although with Maltipoos there is a very low chance of biting someone, you should be careful as any dog can react to inappropriate treatment.

Signs that dog feels uncomfortable:

  • Tries to escape to a safe place
  • Avoids eye contact
  • Licks lips frequently
  • Keeps the tail tucked and tense body posture
  • Rolls over to expose the belly. This doesn’t mean ( at least not always ) that your Maltipoo wants a tummy tickle. It is a rather submissive posture and a sign your dog feels uncomfortable.

Learn your kid when your Maltipoo needs a space. Like humans, dogs also need to be alone sometimes or at least don’t appreciate the company in every moment.

Discourage your kid to handle Maltipoo in following situation:

  • Every dog needs to have a safe place to retreat and sleep quietly. Learn your kid to respect Maltipoo’s sleeping schedule and not to wake him suddenly. Maltipoos sleep 12-14 hours a day and are not considered lazy dogs so your kid will have plenty of time to play with his /her dog when he wakes up.
  • During mealtime
  • If your Maltipoo is sick, injured, or old, explain to your kid that dogs just like humans need peace if they are not feeling very well. Moreover, dogs that don’t feel well can be more touchy and grumpy.
  • Learn your kid to respect Maltipoo’s safe place. If your dog hides there for some reason, don’t let your kid disturb him. Let your dog come out when he feels ready.
  • If some new children come as visitors, your Maltipoo might find this situation overwhelming. If he wants to retreat, let him do that.

Always keep your kid’s toys separate from your dog’s toys. It is quite challenging for dogs to learn which toy they can play with and which they cannot.

Keeping your Maltipoo apart from your kid’s toys is not just a matter of hygiene. This way you will also avoid your kid’s tears when he /she sees his /her favorite toy being chewed up.

If your Maltipoo shows an interest in your kid’s toys, provide the appropriate amount of dog toys for your pet, that will keep him occupied. Maltipoos are very intelligent dogs and adore mental stimulation.

In case they grab some of your kid’s toys, the best way to make him to give it back is to offer some yummy distraction. Offer him some nice treat and the problem is solved!

Teach your kids that dogs are pretty noise-sensitive creatures. Encourage them to keep the volume down around your Maltipoo.

Discourage your kids to put their faces too close to the dog’s face. Kids like to do that but it can be quite dangerous. Your kid should learn to wait until Maltipoo approaches him/her and then to give him a rub under his chin or on the side of his neck.

Maltipoo Tends to be Hypoallergenic Dog

As Maltipoo is a mix of Poodle and Maltese, he is considered a hypoallergenic dog. Both Poodle and Maltese are low-shedding breeds therefore Maltipoo labeled as a low-shedding dog.

If you have allergies or your kid suffers from it, the chances that Maltipoo provoke some allergic reactions are very slim.

Of course there is no such a thing as 100% hypoallergenic dog but low-shedding breeds are less likely to trigger allergies in humans.

Fur and dander are not the only allergens but also saliva. Maltipoos are also known for their very low drooling tendency.

Maltipoos are Pet-Friendly Pets

Don’t worry if your house is already a home of another dog /cat or any other pet. Maltipoo should get along very well with another pet, especially with other dog.

Maltipoos have low to an average prey drive which means that in most cases won’t chase other animals in his vicinity.

Pay special attention if you have another pet that is prey animal such as a rabbit or guinea pig or hamster. It should ok but always supervise any possible interaction. Of course, if you have a hamster, avoid mixing him with any other animal including Maltipoo, as hamsters are extremely timid animals that can even die of stress.

What About Empty-Nest Families or Elderly Couples or Singles, Are Maltipoos Good Choice for Them As Well?

Maltipoos are very active dogs, constantly on the move, and require exercise on daily basis. If they don’t have enough physical activity and stimulation they get bored and then they start to behave in a destructive manner. You cannot imagine what can destroy such a small and cute dog in a very short time if he is bored and depressed.

So exercise is a must. But don’t get discouraged if you planned to buy a Maltipoo for your elderly parents. Maltipoo does require physical activity but as being a small dog, 10-15 min daily exercise is just enough. It can be a play session in their backyard, or a short walk, or a fetch.

Maltipoos can easily adapt to any lifestyle changes and different environments. This dos will be a wonderful companion equally to an elderly couple of to a single person.

Maltipoos are also great therapy and service dogs. So these dogs can perfectly live with and help people with disabilities. Maybe you didn’t know but almost 80 million Americans have service dogs which are valued working partners and companions.

Maltipoos also don’t mind living in either spacious house with back yard or in high rise apartment.

Maltipoos Tend to be Good Watchdogs

Maltipoos are considered great watchdogs although they are strangers -friendly dogs.

They will announce any person or animal or any change around your home. This can be good but also quite bad if you don’t train your Maltipoo to bark only when it is necessary.

Maltipoos are pretty vocal dogs and do bark a lot if not trained properly. This can be a huge issue if you live in a building with noise – restriction or you are a noise-sensitive person.

Even though Maltipoos are excellent watch dogs, don’t expect any protection from them. You won’t get it.

Maltipoos Don’t Tolerate Being Left Alone

Maltipoos are very social creatures and no matter if they have a dog buddy, they simply like human companionship.

They don’t like being left alone for longer periods during the day. If you do leave your Maltipoo for 8 hours or more to go to work and repeat that every day, there is great chance that your dog develop a separation anxiety. As said before if Maltipoo become bored or depressed his behavior will be very destructive.

So if you are a very busy person and will be out of the house for too long every day, leaving your dog behind, don’t adopt /buy Maltipoo, this won’t be a good match.

Final Thought

Maltipoos are fun-loving, people-oriented pets. They are very smart, easy to train dogs. They like to cuddle and to spend time with their owner.

They can live perfectly well both in apartment and house but shouldn’t be living outdoors. They like kids and if you teach your kids how to handle dogs, it won’t be any problem having Maltipoo in the same house with children.

Maltipoos are also very affectionate and loving pets that can act as service or therapy dogs. Don’t require too much of daily exercises ( 10-15min only ) so semi-active people would be a perfect parents to a Maltipoo.

It’s just important not to leave them alone for too long. If you cannot afford to spend some time with your dog every day, don’t take one, especially not a Maltipoo.

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