Travel with Your Pet Ferret (Preparation Steps and Tips for Car and Plane Travel)

Traveling with your pet ferret can be quite challenging, requires time-consuming planning but also can be very satisfying and fun to spend some days off in the company of your furry friend.

To prepare for your trip with ferret you should :

1. Make sure your pet is welcome on your travel destination

2. Find a pet friendly accommodation  

3.Vet check up before you go

4.Prepare the documents

5.Depending on the type of transportation (car,plane) pack accordingly

6.Make list of things you have to bring with you for your furball

So you have decided to bring your pet with you, but before you set off on your joint trip read the following tips and advice that will help you with travel preparation, pack and enjoy!

Make Sure Your Pet is Welcome on Your Travel Destination

When you have decided to travel, I assume you picked the destination. Double-check if this destination is ferret -friendly.

There are some countries, states and even counties and cities in the US, that will not accept ferrets, so you have to be careful ( for example in California or Hawaii ferrets consider as illegal as well as in New York City ( NY )as well as in Washington DC, same as in Dallas (TX) and Columbia (MO )

Find a Pet-Friendly Accommodation  

If you are going to stay in a hotel/motel / rental house or apartment make sure your chosen accommodation allows you to bring your pet with you in the same room.

Do not forget to check any lodgings if you are going to use them along the trip ( in case you need to travel a couple of days) not only the main accommodation.

Vet Checkup Before You Go

It is advisable to visit the vet before you go. Most probably this check-up will look like general preventive check-up but it can also detect minor issues which maybe would have become big during your trip.

The vet will also check if your pet needs any additional vaccine, maybe give you some medications ( preventive or curative if necessary.

If your travel destination requires you to have and show on request – health certificate for your ferret, note that this document needs to be issued and signed by your vet.

It is advisable to find a reliable vet in your travel destination and to get their 24h emergency phone number.

Prepare the Documents

If you travel outside of the US, you will bring your passport but for the ferret, no matter where you travel ( outside or inside of US ) you need to have medical records with a vaccination certificate.

Also some world destinations require you to have a health certificate. Remember that all documents you bring with you have to be up to date.

If your ferret does not have, think about the microchip ( there are some world destinations that will require that your ferrets is microchipped) as a mean of identification in case your ferret get lost.

Tips for Traveling with Ferret by Car

Ferrets are not thrilled with travel. Traveling is rather stressful for them so indirectly for you as well so you need to prepare yourself properly in order to reduce that stress as much as possible.

First, you have to plan how many hours you will be traveling. If you are going on a long trip, book some accommodation along your route.

  • Provide a travel cage for a car ( it can be made for cats ) which should be big enough so you can put a small litter pan inside.
  • Avoid putting bowls with water and food as they can easily be knocked down during the drive
  • Make sure you take breaks every few hours and every time offer your pet, both food and water as well as the opportunity to stretch the legs.
  • During the stops always remove the waste from the litter pan
  • Be very careful when the ferret gets out of the car / gets in the car, as ferrets are masters of escape.
  • Pay attention to the temperature in the car as ferrets easily overheat. Always carry some extra frozen water with you in the bottles which can help your ferret to cool down. Simple water spray or wet towels also can help.
  • Never ever leave your pet in the car unattended ( not even for a couple of mins while you buy something ) as the inside temperature can easily go from pleasantly 65 or 70F to 110 F which is extremely dangerous for your ferret health as they are susceptible to heatstroke.  
  • Bring your pet’s favourite toys to keep him/her entertained.
  • Comfortable bedding is a must ,as most probably your furry ball will fall asleep as soon as you start driving .
  • It is advisable to pack extra towels , extra bedding , extra food and water just in case , you never know what can happened on the road .  
  • Never ever let your pet out of the travel cage while driving especially if you are alone in the car. Ferrets are very clever but in the same time very active and lively and will not be sitting and looking out of the window.The trouble is that they can crawl in anywhere even under your car pedals and cause the accident .

Traveling with Ferret by Plane

This way of traveling can be a tricky one. You would first need to find an airline company that is willing to welcome your pet on the flight. 

Most of the companies operating in US are reluctant to allow ferrets on their flights even in cargo . If you lucky enough to find ferret friendly airline company do think about the time you want to travel. 

Even if they allow you to bring your pet with you , they might give you permission only for spring and fall months and not for winter or summer. The reason is that ferrets are very sensitive to either high or low temperatures so the airline company does not want to take any risk .

So plan your trip when the weather temperatures are mild. Also think twice if an airline company gives us cargo option only as there can be very cold for your furry ball.

What to Pack ( Car or Plane, it does not matter )

  1. Proper documentation ( health certificate, medical record and vaccination certificate )which you will carry always in hand luggage ( in case of plane ).
  2. Travel carrier for your pet
  3. Cage where your furry ball will be accommodated once you reach the destination, do not leave him/her in the travel carrier, lack of space could have bad effect on your pet.
  4. Harness and leash
  5. Favorite toys
  6. Litter box and extra litter
  7. Bedding ( + extra bedding ) + hammock
  8. Cage cleanser
  9. Ferret food + meat-based baby food in case your pet has trouble with appetite
  10. Ferret medical kit

Ferret medical kit should contain:

  • Saline solution ( you can buy this solution or make it by yourself – put one teaspoon of table salt to one cup of cooled but boiled water ) .This solution is very useful for cleaning wounds or rinsing eyes
  • Lectade in case of minor dehydration + 5ml syringe so you can easily give it to your ferret
  • Small scissors
  • Bandage and gauze pads
  • Cotton balls and swabs
  • Any medications ( preventive or curative )
  • Nutri- cal – gel for extra calories and vitamins

What to Do With Your Ferret While You are on the Trip

There are some people who find real enjoyment in travel with their furry friends and the others who would rather leave them at home while they are on the vacation /trip. Both of these groups have pet ferrets and adore them but we are all different .

Ok, what should you do with the pet ferret while you away?

  • If you have reliable person /friend /relative/neighbour who is willing to give your pet(s) food and water daily but to spend at least 2-3 hours with them , that would be great ( of course if you will be off for one week or so )
  • If you do not have friends or family who have time to take care of your pet(s) then maybe you should ask your vet for help, some vet practices and clinics do provide such a service for a fee
  • Another option is to contact some pet sitters , they usually provide daily care/walk of pets but you can always ask if they can look after your furry friends for couple of days
  • In some places pets or even ferrets hotels can be found, check that possibility as well.

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