What Kind of Temperament do Labradoodles Have?

Labradoodle is a designer dog, a mix between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle so the temperament is mixed and ”they usually have the best of both breeds”. The term ” designer” is a label that media put generally on every crossbreed including Labradoodles as well. Although these dogs are quite popular among celebrities, they are not meant to be show dogs, not at all!

Labradoodles have a very warm and loyal personality. They are truly family dogs, get along very well with kids and other pets. Labradoodles are very active, energetic, and playful dogs. Easy to train pets that will be very happy to please you.

They really like to spend time with humans and other pets, hate being left alone. Not good watchdogs, although they like to bark. Don’t expect to provide any kind of protection.

Curious to know more about the temperament of these stuffed toys like dogs? Do they have a prey drive? Tend to wander off? They get along with other dogs but what about cats? How do they react to strangers? If you keen to learn more about these questions and many more, keep reading this article.

What Personality Do Labradoodles Have?

Labradoodles are very intelligent dogs. They are gentle, sweet-natured pets, loyal to their humans, and always eager to play. They need both physical and mental stimulation. These dogs enjoy diverse activities ( walking, running, swimming, jumping…)

They like company very much, so they feel better in the household full of people ( adults+ kids mix ). Some of them can develop separation anxiety if left alone for too long.

Do Labradoodles Have A Strong Prey Drive?

A prey drive describes an instinctive impulse to chase ( and sometimes kill) other animals such as cats, birds, squirrels, or cars ( OK, the car cannot be killed but can be chased very well!)

So what about Labradoodles when it comes to prey drive? These dogs usually control their prey drive very well. They have very low to average impulse to chase other small animals or cars.

Do Labradoodles Wander Off?

Although Labradoodles are very curious dogs and like to explore the outside world, they are not prone to wander off. Of course, sometimes they might escape but usually, they feel much better and safer at home.

To avoid any similar situation, teach your Labradoodle to get back to you on your command.

Do Labradoodles Get Along Well With Other Pets?

Yes, Labradoodles get along very well with other dogs and can establish a fairly good relationship with a cat. This crossbreed is not so territorial ( some dogs will be more territorial than others but overall they are not so protective of their territory )

As per other animals in the house, for example, prey pets ( rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters…) it’s really more up to them than up to your Labradoodle.

Due to low prey drive instinct, he might get along with a rabbit but when it comes to hamsters it’s not recommended keeping any other animal in hamsters vicinity.

These tiny animals are usually scared to death by nature and don’t need an energetic bundle of joy, jumping around, making them even more scared than they already are.

How Labradoodles React to Strangers?

Before we say anything about Labradoodles and strangers, let me write a few words about the socializing of a dog and how important it is.

It’s true that some characteristics of your Labradoodle are inborn such as low prey drive but if you don’t socialize and train your dog at his early age, you risk getting a bad-behaved dog in the future.

He might be fighting with other dogs, jumping on adults and kids, chasing cats, or being very shy and scared of new things.

On the other hand, if you handle well the socializing process of your dog, you will get a well-behaved, obedient Labradoodle that will get along well with other dogs, cats, children, and adults. The sooner you start with this process, the better.

Now lets come back to the strangers. Labradoodles are very friendly towards strangers. That’s great if a stranger is a friend of yours that comes to your home for the first time but if the stranger is a thief then this is not the best characteristic.

However, if you put together those two – friendliness towards strangers and being low or average defender we come to the conclusion that your Labradoodle might never be a good watchdog.

Nevertheless, some Labradoodles protect their territory very well and they can alert you if they notice anything different. But this depends on the precise dog, so you shouldn’t rely on your Labradoodle to defend its territory in every situation.

Are Labradoodles Sensitive Dogs?

You can consider Labradoodles a bit more sensitive than other breeds. They take soft punishments very emotionally. They really like to have a regular daily routine, don’t like chaos, noisy households, and owners that are too loud.

Labradoodles are very gentle family companions. They are able to feel their owner’s emotions and react to them.

Again, if socialized and trained at an early age, Labradoodles become wonderful, loyal, and caring pets.

Do Labradoodles Like To Destroy Things ( chewing, digging ) ?

Labradoodles establish very tight bonds with their owners so if left alone for too long, might develop separation anxiety and destructive behavior along. Also if not socialized at an early age, they can grow up in very stubborn and destructive pets. Don’t be surprised if they become hostile dogs!

Labradoodles also have a rather high tendency to chew, play-bite, or nip people. This is more common during puppyhood. Even though it doesn’t indicate an aggressive nature, it is important to give your puppy a lesson of a good attitude on time.

Are Labradoodle Prone to Behavioral Issues such as Counter Surfing or Trash Digging?

Labradoodles sometimes can be naughty so they are quite prone to misbehave.

So don’t be surprised if you have found that one of your steaks has been missing! Labradoodles may steal some food from your kitchen counter from time to time.

Regarding trash digging, some dogs are simply curious and would like to discover what’s in there but some others learned that trash digging brings the owner’s attention so they will do it deliberately to get your attention.

Are Labradoodles Good Service/Therapy Dogs?

Labradoodle is a great choice if you need a service dog or a therapy dog.

Labradoodles are very smart dogs, easy to train, and they are happy to please you. They are affectionate and people-oriented pets.

This makes them great service dogs especially for people with physical disabilities, autism, depression, and other issues. Labradoodles tend to be outstanding guide dogs for blind people, what they were originally bred for.

As they can easily be trained to provide comfort and love, Labradoodles also can help people in hospitals, retirement, or nursing homes as therapy dogs.

Are Labradoodles Agressive By Nature?

Labradoodles are not aggressive by nature. But of course, if treated badly, even these mild-mannered dogs can become aggressive.

Same as kids, Labradoodle puppies come as a blank page. Even though they have some inborn characteristics and they are or aren’t prone to some things.

The way you raise the puppy, the way to treat it, and how much effort and time you put in its training and socializing process will result in the true Labradoodle’s personality and behavior mode.

Physical abuse, neglect, pain will lead to aggressive behavior in the future.

Even if you don’t physically abuse your Labradoodle, but you don’t have time for him, don’t provide sufficient mental stimulation nor physical activity ( these dogs need at least 30-60 minutes of daily exercise) he might develop very aggressive behavior.

To prevent aggression in your Labradoodle, provide proper socialization on time, as well as consistent training along with tons of love and playtime.

Final Thought

Labradoodles are loving and sweet-natured dogs. If properly raised and trained, will grow up in a well-behaved dog that easily can ”work” as service or therapy dogs.

They get along great with kids, other pets in the household but also with strangers. Although they are able to raise an alert if something is different around your house, don’t expect them to be guard dogs as they cannot provide any kind of protection.

Labradoodles like to be in the company of their humans and don’t prefer being left alone. Some of them can develop separation anxiety and destructive behavior in that case. Nevertheless, Labradoodle has a very low chance of biting someone.

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