When Do Pomeranian Puppies Get Their Full Coat?

My cousin Betty has recently bought adorable 3 months old Pomeranian puppy, Leo. Although Leo looked a bit different than you would expect from this breed, we all fell in love instantly.

Still, Betty is concerned as Leo has kind of short hair so I did a little research on this topic, trying to find out will he ever get that famous fluffy coat and when.

Pomeranians are born with short hair but the hair growth is fast so they get the fluffy look at 6 weeks of age. At about 3 months of age, the Pomeranian puppy goes into the so-called ugly phase during which the puppy coat will be replaced completely with an adult coat.

That change can take several months. By the age of 10 months, all Poms should have a beautiful, fluffy, adult coat fully grown.

Do All Pomeranians Have Long Hair?

When we all started raising questions about Leo’s short coat, Betty called the pet shop. She got a short explanation – Leo was a short-haired Pomeranian. I was puzzled. Does something like short-haired Pomeranian exist? I kept searching.

Unless adult Pom has been shaved earlier, there is no reason for him to have a short-hair. Poms have double-coated fur that is made of a thick and very soft undercoat and the topcoat, made of long and straight hairs.

The truth is that Pomeranian puppies do have short hairs but this is simply the period of growth that is short-term and that any Pom puppy needs to go through.

So Leo has short hair now but the only reason is that he is now at the beginning of his ugly phase. He should get that luxurious, soft coat before his first birthday.

How Long Do Pomeranian Uglies Last?

The first puppy shedding starts around 3 months of age. The puppy hairs have to fall out and let the adult double coat come out.

This period ( 3-10 months of age approximately ) is called Pomeranian puppy uglies or just ugly phase. During this period, your Pom puppy may look shabby and skinny to you.

It’s quite normal, no reason to worry about it. Many inexperienced owners may stress about the look in this stage but it’s just a phase of a normal puppy’s growth.

What Are the Changes I May Notice During Puppy Uglies?

Besides shedding, your puppy may look significantly different. Due to a lack of luxurious hair, your puppy’s body may look strange to you.

For example, legs may look longer than they are. Ears may look like they are huge comparing to ears of fully grown Pom.

Most Pom puppies go through a moderate to severe ugly phase so you need to notice those changes at some point.

If your puppy doesn’t experience this phase, if there is no heavy shedding, you should consult the vet, as this is not normal and may indicate some major issues that may happen in the future.

Is It Bad To Cut My Pomeranian Hair?

Most professional breeders and experienced owners are against cutting Pomeranian coats. Some dog breeds are OK with haircuts but for this breed, it is out of the question.

The luxurious, fluffy coat is Pom’s trademark and it shouldn’t be cut. There are several reasons for that.

If Pom’s coat is cut too deep so the undercoat is also cut, it might happen that this lower layer of coat never grows back again.

For example, if your Pom receives a lion cut ( which is famous for this breed), he will be almost shaved, which means that his undercoat will be cut too.

So it’s most likely that the undercoat will never grow back as it was earlier or you may notice that his fur does grow back but in odd patches. Anyhow, your pup will never get that beautiful fluffy look he once had.

If you shave your Pom, bear in mind that some parts of Pom’s body like elbows or hips that are usually lushly covered, now are exposed. When the dog is lying down, this can cause discomfort, at the very least.

Certain types of flooring, including carpet, may irritate a Pom’s skin, even cause allergies. Just think, if Pom doesn’t have its fluffy coat that covers that sensitive skin, then it’s a lot easier to get that skin irritated.

Another thing – this breed is descended from dogs from Northern Europe, along the Baltic sea. The double coat is specially made to protect Poms from the cold and heat. Cutting that protective shield is a huge disservice to Pomeranian dogs.

The lush coat is an inseparable part of one Pomeranian. If you take it away, it’s quite normal for your dog to experience some behavioral issues.

It has been proved that Pom’s coat is the source of comfort for him. If he doesn’t have it, he may become nervous or anxious.

When Are Shaving and Trimming Of Pomeranian Coat Necessary and Justified?

Longer, straight hairs should be lightly trimmed to avoid the flat look of the coat. If the hairs are too long, they are weighing down the whole coat because of which it looks flat instead of fluffy.

If you find some hairs that grow inside the Pom’s ears, you should pluck them out. Those hairs may lead to ear infections. After a bath, the ears without any hairs inside will dry out much faster.

Your Pom should have “the rear end” area shaved. This won’t cause any trouble to the dog but will keep him clean as well as your house, as Pom will not be bringing pieces of feces on its fur neither will have bad smell spreading all over your place.

If you find any hairs that grow under your Pom’s paw pads, note that those should be trimmed. Stepping on the fur may be very irritating for a dog, not to mention that hairs may become caught on different things.

How Long Does It Take For A Pomeranian To Grow Hair?

No matter the groomer has carried away or you really asked for a ”summer cut ” or ”lion cut”, your Pom most probably will never look the same.

If Pom’s coat was cut too deep ( cutting the undercoat as well), your Pom will never have that fluffy look again. The coat may struggle to grow as it was, it may take a lot of time, and eventually, when it grows, you might notice that is uneven.

If the inner coat was not cut into, the topcoat may grow entirely in 6 months or so. But if the inner coat was cut into as well, it will take more time to regrow and you cannot be sure how will your Pom look like afterward.

In case you are a fan of ”lion cut” even though it’s not recommended as destroys the beautiful natural coat Poms have, you need to see the groomer every 2-3 weeks otherwise it will lose its shape.

How Can I Make My Pomeranian Hair Grow Faster?

There are several ways to promote Poms hair growth. No matter your Pom is going through the puppy uglies or you were using the wrong kind of products for your Pom’s coat for years or your groomer was carried away and shaved your Pom, you want to help him.

Brush your Pom on regular basis.

What does it mean? It means that you need to brush your dog at least 2-3 times a week. It’s crucial to use the right brush otherwise you may destroy the coat more than it is already.

Choose the bubble-tipped slicker brush that is great for removing loose hairs, eliminating dander, tangles, and trapped dirt.

Avoid using grooming rakes with rotating pins ( these may cause even major damage to your pet’s coat) or a soft bristle brush that will have no effect. Never brush a dry coat!

Use a leave-in conditioner

Don’t brush the dry coat of your Pom, always use a leave-in product. It’s much more comfortable for a dog ( allows the brush to glide and prevent hairs from tangling), helps a hair to keep natural, moisture levels, prevent static and split ends.

Use good quality nourishing shampoos and conditioners

It’s recommended to bathe your Pom once every 3 weeks. On that occasion, you need to use a good quality cleansing product free of drying elements and ingredients like soap, parabens, strong fragrances.

Remember that the PH level of the shampoo must be between 6 and 7. It will be good if contains some moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera or shea butter.

Oatmeal is also a great restorative ingredient. No matter how good shampoo you use to bathe your pet, never skip a conditioner. During bathe, the hair follicles open.

If you don’t use the conditioner which has the purpose to close them, hairs remain vulnerable and can become damaged very easily in a short time.

Use the restorative cream

If your Pom’s hair growth is compromised, then a regular massage with a restorative cream might stimulate the hair follicles. Like with shampoos, the cream should have both moisturizing and restorative elements ( aloe vera, coconut oil, olive oil, honey, oatmeal…)

It’s recommended to massage your dog’s skin/coat each day ( two times a day) for five minutes.

Keep this schedule for 7 days straight and then you can reduce it to one massage each day. When you notice that hairs are growing back, continue with massages every other day for at least 3-4 weeks.

A Quality Diet (Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids)

Your Pom’s diet has to be high in proteins as keratin is formed from amino acids found in proteins. Keratin is super important for hair and nail growth.

The dog’s food also should be rich in iron. Iron brings oxygen to the hair follicles and low levels of iron usually cause excessive shedding and poor hair growth. Good sources of iron are spinach, beef, tuna, and eggs.

The most important nutrient in keeping the skin and coat healthy is Omega 3 fatty acids. Fish is a great source of Omega 3 but always choose wild fish over farmed ones.

Liquid supplements with appealing taste are also a very good option to provide extra Omega 3 fatty acids for your Pom.

Check all Health issues

Not every hair growth is related to puppy uglies, use of harsh cosmetic products, or poor grooming practice. The reason might lie in some health issues like parasite infections, diabetes, Cushing’s disease, Hypothyroidism

If you assume that your dog might be having one of these conditions go see the vet, as non of the above tips on how to promote hair growth won’t help. In that case, you need the vet’s help.


Poms usually get their full coat before they hit their first birthday. They are born with a short coat that grows fast but at the age of 3 months starts to shed heavily leaving the space for a new, adult coat.

In the period between 3 months and 10-12 months, Poms don’t have that famous fluffy coat but rather a short coat as they are going through the ugly phase.

It’s not recommended to cut deep into the Pom’s coat. Pomeranian dogs don’t need a haircut. Their coat needs to be just slightly trimmed for a fluffier look.

If you cut into the undercoat, your dog most probably won’t ever have that fluffy look again. It takes 6 months or even more for Pom’s hair to regrow.

There are certain steps that you should follow if you want to promote your Pom’s hair growth. Usage of quality soap and paraben-free shampoo, restorative and moisturizing creams for massage, Omega 3 fatty acids supplements might help with this issue.

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