Why Does My Maltipoo Sleep Too Much?

You are concerned that your cute Maltipoo is sleeping too much. It’s crucial to know your dog’s sleeping schedule so you can figure it out if he really sleeps more than he should be. If so, why this is happening?

Maltipoos are sleeping around 14 hours a day. Puppies and older dogs tend to sleep, even more, 16-18 hours. If your Maltipoo is breaking out of the regular sleeping pattern something is bothering him, for sure.

Any major change in your Maltipoo’s life can lead to a depression which can make him sleep more. Loss of a buddy or moving to a new home is a very stressful situation.

Underlying health issues, diabetes, heart disease, hypothyroidism may keep your doggo sleeping much more than usual. An improper diet, rich in carbohydrates can also disrupt a good sleeping schedule.

How to determine if your Maltipoo is sleeping too much? If he is, how to find the cause? What elements actually affect sleeping? How to track your Maltipoos sleeping habits if you are out of your home for most of the day? How to help your doggo sleep better? Keep reading to find out more…

What Elements Affect Sleeping?

There are certain things that affect your Maltipoo’s sleeping pattern :

  • Age
  • Activity
  • Boredom
  • Health issues
  • Medication

Age – Puppies are very active. There is a whole new world out there to be discovered so they really don’t stop, until the energy is drained. After good exercises and playtime, they need to take a nap.

Bottom line- puppies are sleeping more then adult Maltipoos, anywhere around 16-18 hours a day.

Similar to puppies, older dogs would also sleep 16-18 hours but of course for totally different reason. Older Maltipoos tire very quickly, even a short distance from the backyard to their water bowl inside a house may exhaust them so they have to take a nap.

Adult Maltipoos normally sleep around 14 hours. But the age is just one element that affect the sleeping schedule, we have to dive deeper in other to make the whole picture.

Activity – Maltipoos of all ages are very active dogs. They are small size so they don’t need a lot of exercise from our point of view but it very important to get the physical activity they need on a daily basis.

Young Maltipoos are hyper and always busy and chasing some toy around the house. You might misinterpret this circumstance and think that your puppy doesn’t need any formal exercise. This is quite wrong. Your puppy’s body is used to this high level of activity so his chasing a toy or running around you in the house doesn’t count as exercise.

Maltipoos that are under-stimulated and not often engaged in play tend to sleep more

Every Maltipoo needs daily exercise. It should be a training session, a fetch, a walk, playtime in your backyard but count on 10-15 minutes of daily activity with your Maltipoo as that way you will ensure his good sleep.

Boredom – Boredom in Maltipoos is a very dangerous thing. It can have many bad consequences and excessive sleeping is just one of them. There are dogs that react to boredom with destructive behavior.

These dogs chew on whatever they find, tear your belongings, destroy your furniture and some of them are capable to hurt themselves as well. Some other dogs have totally opposite reactions, they are so calm that they fall asleep. This is their way to cope with boredom.

Health Issues – it’s quite normal that if your dog doesn’t feel very well sleeps more then usual. But some health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes or hypothyroidism take out your dog’s energy so quickly that he needs to sleep more.

If you suspect that excessive sleeping in your Maltipoo has anything to do with some underlying health condition, visit the vet, that is the most reliable way to find out what’s bothering your pet.

Medications – these are related to health issues. If your dog is taking a therapy, ask a vet for side effects. Many meds do have excessive sleeping as a side effect. If your dog is having an allergic reaction to some medications, which can lead to either hyperactivity or excessive sleeping, rush to the vet.

How To Determine If Your Maltipoo Is Sleeping Too Much?

Now when you know how much an average Maltipoo should sleep, you can determine if yours sleeps too much.

Maltipoos should sleep through the night, of course, and should have at least one daily nap. But if it has 2-3 shorter naps, that is OK, as long as he sleeps up to 14 hours in total. If you have a puppy or older Maltipoo allow him to sleep a couple of hours more.

It is quite simple to determine how much your Maltipoo sleeps when you are at your home for most of the day.

But what happens if you are not? You have to rush to the office every day, leaving your furry friend behind. He spends a day alone (which is not recommended for Maltipoos as they are lap dogs, truly family companions and don’t like to be left alone) and you don’t have a clue what he was doing while you weren’t there.

When you return, everything is all right, there is no mess, so you might think that your pet spent a day playing and chasing around or watching TV while he was actually sleeping.

If you try to track your dog’s sleep during weekends, you won’t get the real picture. Your routine is different on Saturdays and Sundays, the same as your dog’s routine. So you won’t get an answer about what is happening on weekdays.

A good idea would be to install a video camera so you can track your Maltipoo’s activity. Pet cameras are great assets if your Maltipoo is staying alone for most of the day. You can find them online or in shops, they are available in a wide range of prices and functions.Click here for Amazon bestseller Pet Cameras/ Monitors

Some of them only record, others let you talk with your dog and dispense treats. There are pet cameras that are able to release a calming scent as part of aromatherapy. For those of you who work night shifts, there are cameras with night vision. Very useful gadget!

Boredom and Depression As A Cause of Excessive Sleeping

As we mentioned earlier in the article, bored and depressed dogs tend to sleep more than usual. While some dogs express boredom by chewing and destroying different objects, others prefer to sleep.

Maltipoo can become bored and depressed for thousands of reasons. Maltipoos are very friendly dogs, don’t like to be left alone. If you work all day and leave your dog behind, most probably he become very anxious.

Of course, there are some things you can do to prevent or at least to reduce the level of boredom and anxiety that could lead to excessive sleeping.

Mental stimulation is equally important as physical activity so make sure you provide interesting toys that will keep your dog busy for some time. Those toys with some tiny treats inside are perfect as your Maltipoo has a great motive to play with them.

Although you can find cheap plastic toys in dollar shops, go for quality instead of quantity, spend a little bit more but provide a classy toy that should last longer and keep your dog focused and mentally stimulated.

If you can, purchase a toy dispenser. Fill it with different toys and watch how excited and a hard-working dog you have, while he is trying to pull some toy out of the dispenser.

It would be nice if you have two different groups of toys, so you can switch them on weekly basis. The same you do with small kids and their toys. Dogs also enjoy toys they haven’t seen for a couple of days.

The best toys to keep your Maltipoo’s attention are the ones that do something. Dogs especially like those that release treats or puzzle toys where they needs to figure it out how to get the treat.

Also some nice chewing toys or a combination of chewing and licking ( Kong toys filled with yogurt or peanut butter -unsalted one, frozen). Kong toys can be also stuffed with different kinds of treats, so it’s up to you to choose the one you think your dog would prefer.

Pay attention to the size of these toys. As the average weight of Maltipoos is about 5-20 pounds, it means that you need to get XS or S size.

When you buy these kinds of toys and show it to your dog for the first time, do it with some excitement in your voice. Show him hidden treats and play a ”hard-to-get” game just to encourage your dog.

If you think that your dog is too lonely and that toys are not helping enough, maybe you could consider hiring a dog walker or ask a good neighbor to stop by. If you have a budget, quality day service would be a good option as well.

Besides mental stimulation, physical activity is also very important for the general health of your dog but also for a good sleep.

Exercise time– when you walk, at least 10-15 min daily. It would be perfect to have 2 walks but if not possible then one walk is OK.

Family time – Maltipoos are real family dogs, they adore being surrounded by people and kids so let your dog roam around you when you are all at home. If you watch TV, let him lie down on your lap if you are having a barbecue in a backyard with your friends, let him be around, these are irreplaceable moments for your pet.

Don’t forget grooming time – baths, trimming, brushing, ear cleaning. In some of these activities, Maltipoos enjoy, some not but all of them necessary for your dog’s well being.

And of course sleep time – routine is essential for good sleeping habit. It would be perfect if you can set that your dog goes to sleep at the same ( more less) every evening. Make sure you go with him for a walk 2 hours before bed time.

That physical activity will ensure good quality sleep at night. Avoid taking him out for a walk 30 min before bedtime, as that will have totally opposite effect.

Bottom line – if you keep your Maltipoo mentally stimulated, in good physical shape, shower him with attention and family care whenever you can, most probably he will not become bored nor depressed. That should reduce the chances of excessive sleeping.

Of course, depression may occur because you recently have moved to a new home or maybe your other dog or other pet passed away. If your Maltipoo got along well with him, then you can expect he will be feeling sad and depressed.

So basically, any major change ( either emotional or environmental ) may cause depression in dogs and in return excessive sleeping disorder.

Health Issues As A Cause of Excessive Sleeping

Excessive sleeping might be a sign that your dog is coping with some health issue.

Diabetes – dogs that suffer from diabetes tend to sleep more. If you don’t know that your Maltipoo is diabetic, this indicator could easily be missed since dogs are taking naps during the day.

When the sugar level in blood is slightly lower then it should be, your Maltipoo is tired and unresponsive. This is the time when he sleeps and he shouldn’t. After some time, when the glucose level rises, your Maltipoo gets back to normal.

If you miss this sign, some other indicators of diabetes are: excessive thirst, weight loss despite a good appetite, increased urination. If you notice these signs rush to the vet. He will be able to determine whether your Maltipoo sufferers from diabetes or not based on tests for glucose in blood and urine.

Hypothyroidism- Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland doesn’t produce and secrete enough thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones play a big role in metabolism and affect the function of many parts of the body. Lack of these hormones leads to many health issues. If you would like to know more about this particular illness, read the article of U.S. Food and Drug Administration

One of the symptoms of this condition is excessive sleeping. If you notice others such as: weight gain, repeated ear and skin infections, dull, dry hair, high cholesterol numbers, anemia, your dog is not able to tolerate cold, seeks for warm places, go to the vet.

Heart issues – Maltipoos that suffer from heart issues often feel very tired and need to sleep more than usual. If that excessive sleeping is followed by a dry cough that intensifies during the night, shortness of breath, rapid weight loss, you should go to see the vet as soon as possible.

There are other diseases and health conditions that provoke excessive sleeping. Even upset stomach or reflux may lead to reduced activity and more sleep. These kinds of problems are easy to fix though. Also viruses, a wide range of infections, liver problems could lead to lethargic behavior.

The best you can do it to take your pet to the vet. The vet will perform the full panel of bloodwork so he can rule in /rule out some of the mentioned issues and help your Maltipoo.

Low-Quality Diet As A Cause of Excessive Sleeping

A low-quality diet may lead to many health issues but also to excessive sleeping among others.

Big portions and low-quality food may lead to obesity. If the weight of your dog is above the normal level, he will tier faster even after short exercise. Due to a lack of energy and obesity, he will exercise less and in return, he will gain more weight. That’s a circle you have to break.

Another issue is a food rich in carbohydrates. Although dogs need complex carbohydrates, if their food is loaded with carbs, they won’t feel energetic as they would if they take more quality food with better ingredients.

So if you notice that your Maltipoo sleeps more and he is not interested in going out for a walk, do check more closely his food and it’s the content label. Make sure the meat is the main ingredient.

What Is Narcolepsy in Maltipoo?

Narcolepsy is a genetic, sleeping disorder that affects young dogs. Affected dogs have lower levels of a chemical called hypocretin which helps maintain normal sleeping patterns.

This sleeping disorder may affect Poodles among others ( Doberman Pinschers and Labrador Retrievers ). As being a genetic disorder it’s quite obvious why it is important to learn about this as Maltipoo’s owner.

After some excitement and physical activity ( eating, playing ), affected dogs may collapse instantly on the side and fall asleep. The dog will look like he is in deep sleep but loud noise or petting can wake him up suddenly.

This condition is not a life-threatening one. The vet could make a diagnose based on clinical signs and you would help a lot if you record a video of one narcoleptic episode.

Although this sleeping disorder doesn’t have a cure, it’s good to know if your Maltipoo has it so you can possibly reduce the triggers that can provoke the narcoleptic episode.

If Narcolepsy is affecting your dog’s life quality badly, the vet may prescribe some medication that can reduce hyperactivity and manage the frequency and duration of these unwanted episodes.

Final Thought

Adult Maltipoos sleep around 14 hours in total for 24 hours( including night sleep and daily naps). According to the American Kennel Club, dogs should be active 20% of the time during one day.

As Maltipoos sleep slightly more then average breeds ( around 12 hours ) that means that your dog should be active around 4 hours a day.

Of course level of activity depends on the age and health condition but if you notice any major divergence with the statistics, pay special attention and take your dog to the vet. Excessive sleeping is never a good sign, especially if lasts for couple of days.

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