Why My Vizsla Won’t Sleep?

Dealing with a Vizsla dog who cannot sleep through the night is very challenging. It’s not only exhausting and frustrating for you but it’s rather unhealthy for your dog since she needs a certain number of sleeping hours to be healthy and in good shape.

Vizsla might have trouble sleeping through the night if it’s still very young. Unlike other breeds, Vizslas can be up to 6 months old before making it through the night. These dogs are single coated that get cold easily which can disrupt a good night’s sleep. Even though Vizslas are considered true velcro dogs, they are not typical lap dogs, they need a lot of physical exercises and an abundance of mental stimulation. Lack of these can cause restlessness which can further influence a good night’s sleep.

Young Vizslas Still Not Sleeping Through the Night

Most of the other breeds will be able to sleep through the night by the time they are 4 months old.

This is not the case with Vizslas though. Young Vizslas are usually 6 months old when you finally can relax since you know your dog will most probably sleep through the whole night.

Some owners have troubles with their Vizslas even when they are older. Even though they did everything by the book, they have taken their Vizslas for a late-night potty break, made sure they ate and drank enough, provided a warm place for a night rest, these dogs can be really restless during the night.

It’s not unusual for Vizsla to wake up every hour or two, to bark or howl without obvious reason.

If you have this kind of problem, you need to find out why your Vizsla cannot sleep through the night.

If her bladder capacity permits her to sleep through( in which case she is about 6 months old or more) but she still wakes you up several times during the night, you need to find the reason for everyone’s sake.

Where Should My Vizsla Sleep?

The answer to this question is not a specific one. Nobody can really tell you where is the perfect place for your Vizsla to sleep but you should know that these dogs are extremely affectionate and loyal.

Vizslas are true velcro dogs! The people who have Vizslas will tell you that they cannot go alone even to the toilet, these dogs are always attached to their owners.

Do these facts have anything with the place where Vizsla should sleep? Well, they might. Some owners put a crate in their bedrooms or even allowed Vizsla to sleep with them in their own bed, and had less trouble than owners who decided to place a Vizsla in the kitchen or elsewhere.

Sometimes Vizslas will wake up and look for cuddles and snuggles only, nothing else.

Vizsla should have a warm and quiet place for sleeping. These dogs have a single-layered coat so they get cold easily.

Make sure the room temperature in which your Vizsla is sleeping is adequate ( about 70-72F) and that your dog has some blanket to snuggle in.

Avoid letting your dog sleep on the floor, a warm doggy bed or crate filled with blankets is a much better place than a cold floor.

Do Vizslas Like Cave Beds?

Some Vizslas like cave beds while some others prefer other sleeping options. Cave beds are basically dog beds with roofs and most of the owners expect their Vizslas would love the comfort and sense of security that this kind of bed offers.

Some Vizslas need time to accept a cave bed, but you can always put some treats or favorite toys to make your dog start exploring his /her new bed.

Cave bed is also a good option since we know that Vizslas are cuddlers, but besides cave beds, your Vizsla can have a nice night’s sleep in an oversized pillow, doggy bed, crate filled with blankets, basically, anything soft and warm where she can snuggle in.

Can Vizsla Sleep Outside?

Vizslas should not sleep outside for several reasons. As we mentioned before, Vizsla has a single coat so she gets cold very easily.

Another reason lies in Vizsla’s character. These doges are highly sociable creatures, that are craving human love and attention.

Letting this dog sleep outside, alone, separated from her humans won’t result in a good night’s sleep. Most probably Vizsla will bark, howl, and be restless, unable you and your neighbors to sleep normally.

Vizslas are also very sensitive and easily irritable dogs. Sleeping outside can result in becoming bored, frustrated, or even aggressive. In another word, staying outside during the night will not only affect a Vizslas’s good sleep but also her temperament which can change for worse.

How Many Hours Should Vizsla Sleep?

This depends on the dog to dog, but most Vizslas are able to sleep through the night plus they have 3-6 hours of daily naps.

What Are the Other Reasons Vizsla Won’t Sleep?

The possible reasons why your Vizsla won’t sleep :

  • Your dog feels alone, she is cold
  • Too much lights and other stimuli around it. Try covering the crate or placing your Vizsla in some dark and quite area
  • Vizslas are wroking dogs, they have immense energy and like to be active. If you keep your dog inside for too long, lack of physical ( and mental ) activity may affect a good night sleep.
  • Rule out any medical conditions. Your Vizsla might be in pain or feels sick and that’s why she cannot sleep well
  • Vizslas with skin allergies or flea infestations may have trouble falling a sleep due to itchness and great discomfort
  • If your Vizsla is stressed or anxious, she won’t be able to sleep well. If you notice that your dog is trying to hide, pace or barks excessivly, she might be stressed. The cause might be a sudden loud sound like firework or thunderstorm but also separation anxiety, new environment, sudden change in daily routine
  • If your Vizsla is too old. Older dogs may suffer from dementia or joint problems which may prevent them to sleep well.

How To Make You Vizsla Sleep Better/Longer During the Night?

There are a few things you can do to make your Vizsla sleeps better and longer :

  • Establish a night routine. Make sure your dog ate and drank enough and that you let him go outside for a potty break just before going to bed.
  • Make sure your Vizsla has a comfortable and warm place to sleep
  • Strengthen bonding with your Vizsla. As we mentioned before, these dogs really crave human love and attention.
  • Provide enough physical and mental stimulation during the day to ensure a good night’s sleep.
  • If you have an anxious Vizsla, natural sedatives like Rescue Remedy or Pheromones can calm down your dog helping him to fall asleep.


Many Vizslas owners have a problem with their dogs since they don’t sleep through the night. That can be pretty exhausting and frustrating. If you have a young Vizsla, note that this is quite normal and that you need to be patient but if your Vizsla is more than 6 months old but yet he/she is not senior and cannot sleep through the night, you should try to find the cause and solve the problem.

I really hope you find this article helpful and that you’ve found a piece of advice that can help you with this annoying issue.

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