Can Cavapoos Eat Dairy Products (Cheese, Ice Cream, Yoghurt, Butter, Milk)

Many people love all kinds of dairy products and enjoy them every day. If you one of them and have one (or two!?) cute, teddy-bear like Cavapoo dog you might ask yourself whether it is OK to share a slice of cheese with your dog or to occasionally treat him with few tablespoons of milk.

Many Cavapoos also love dairy products. That love doesn’t mean that dairy products are necessarily good for them. A few tablespoons of milk should be really occasionally given as a treat if your dog doesn’t show lactose intolerance.

Other dairy products such as cheese or plain yogurt are safer for your Cavapoo as he can digest them easier than milk. Some dairy products especially those high in fat are harmful to Cavapoos as they can lead to obesity and other health issues.

Should Cavapoo drink cow or goat’s milk instead? Does any non-dairy milk is a better alternative? Can Cavapoos eat cottage cheese? What about sour milk? Can your little friend enjoy a few scoops of ice cream with you? Is butter safe for your dog? How much yogurt should you give your Cavapoo? And can you make a fruit yogurt delicacy for your pet?

If you are interested to find out as much as possible about Cavapoos eating dairy products, which are quite safe and which are to avoid, keep reading our article.

Should Cavapoos Drink Milk?

When you think about dogs and milk, think about moderation. Any human food ( including milk as well) should be given to dogs in small quantities and not on regular basis but as an occasional treat.

Cavapoos like milk but many of them could show signs of lactose intolerance which means that they are struggling to digest milk. If your Cavapoo happens to be lactose intolerant, avoid giving him milk but try with some other dairy products such as sour cream or cheese which are easier to digest than milk.

Although milk is a good source of some nutritive elements and vitamins ( protein, calcium, vitamin D and B12 ) the dogs get all of them through the food so milk isn’t really a necessary part of your Cavapoo’s diet.

Is Goat’s Milk Healthier For Cavapoos?

People tend to apply the same trends, changes in food to their pets as to themselves. In recent years goat’s milk is promoted as a healthier alternative to cow’s so many people switch their first choice and have started to drink goat’s milk.

Not only the people drink goat’s milk, they have started to give the same milk to their dogs as well, especially the raw version, believing that is more beneficial.

The thing is that goat’s milk has more calcium and potassium compared to cow’s but has lower content of carbohydrates, sodium, vitamin B 12 and folate.

Goat’s milk has a different structure of fat and protein and therefore it is far easier to digest it. It has also a lower level of lactose and dogs that has allergies are less likely to have a reaction if drink goat’s milk.

Still, be aware that goat’s milk is still milk and contain lactose so give it to your Cavapoo in small quantities (a few tablespoons every now and then).

How To Know If Your Cavapoo is Lactose Intolerant?

Not all dogs are lactose intolerant but many of them are. Of course there are dogs that will experience some mild symptoms and others that will have more severe signs of lactose intolerance.

The most common signs are :

  • Loose stools or diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Upset stomach and pains
  • Gas

Remember that some of these symptoms ( especially diarrhea and vomiting) may appear even if your Cavapoo is not lactose intolerant but drank a lot of milk at once. But if these symptoms show up after just a few tablespoons of milk then your dog should avoid milk for good.

What About Non-Dairy Milk? Soy, Almond or Rice Milk?

If you are positive that your Cavapoo is lactose intolerant then you should look for some plant-based milk alternatives.

Almond milk is one of the most popular plant-based milk. Moreover, if you use it, maybe it has crossed your mind to give it to your dogs as well.

Some nuts( especially Macadamia nuts, Walnuts, Brazil nuts, Pecans, Pistachios) are toxic to dogs and should be avoided completely. Although almond is not part of that group, digesting it could be quite a challenge for your Cavapoo.

Almond has high fat content which could be harmful to dogs as it can lead to overweight problem and pancreatitis.

Bottom line- you can give a very small quantity ( few tablespoons) of almond milk to your dog as a treat and not very often but first read a label very carefully. Some Almond milk products on the market are sweetened with an artificial sweetener called xylitol that happens to be very harmful and toxic to dogs.

Soy milk – is a much better plant-based alternative. Soy is quite safe for dogs. Many specialized food products for dogs contain soy.

Soy milk is rich in protein called isoflavones. Some of these proteins are called phytoestrogens ( female hormone estrogen found in the plant is called phytoestrogen ). Experts say that your dog shouldn’t take this protein in large amounts but small quantities are just fine.

On the other hand, isoflavones can be even beneficial to your dog. You can check this VCA Hospitals article about soy protein which says that it can help with urinary incontinency in dogs. If your Cavapoo has a similar problem ask your vet, he maybe suggests you some supplement that contains soy protein.

Bottom line – you can give soy milk to your Cavapoo in the same quantity as any other milk. Consider Soy milk also as a treat only.

Rice milk – this alternative is acceptable but again, only as an occasional treat and in small quantities. Rice is pretty safe for dogs but be careful because many Rice milk products come sweetened and with some artificial flavors which can be harmful to your Cavapoo.

Bottom line – you can give rice milk in moderation to your Cavapoo only if you find a plain version without artificial flavors, preservatives and sweeteners.

Can You Cavapoo Eat Cheese?

Some types of cheese are safer than others but cheese, in general, should be considered as an occasional treat only. Of course, in case your dog is not lactose intolerant. If yes, be careful, you can still try giving a small amount of cheese to your Cavapoo but keep your eyes on him tightly if any symptom of an upset stomach appears.

Good quality dog diet should be low-fat and low-sodium. Many types of cheese are quite opposite and therefore not to great food your Cavapoo.

Of course, there are types of cheese that you should avoid totally and some others that you can give your Cavapoo in a small amount every now and then.

Which Types of Cheese Your Cavapoo Should Never Eat?

French Cheeses such as Blue cheese or Roquefort are very high in fat and sodium. Also, these types of cheese can contain roquefortine – a toxin that can be fatal to dogs

Flavored and spicy cheeses – any type of cheese ( hard or cream) with added spices, herbs, things like garlic ( garlic is big NO-NO for dogs) or onion ( same as garlic, toxic to dogs) so you should avoid it.

Brie, feta cheese – also very high in saturated fat and sodium. An excessive amount of fat in dog’s food may lead to obesity and pancreatitis ( very dangerous health condition that may end up fatal )

Which Types of Cheese Are Safe For Your Cavapoo?

Types of cheese that are low in fat and sodium are a good choice for your Cavapoo. A slice of Young Cheddar cheese can be a nice treat for your dog.

Also cottage cheese is one the safest you can give to your Cavapoo. One teaspoon would be a yummy treat without any side effects.

Another great cheese for your Cavapoo could be Colby cheese. Similar to Cheddar but softer and with beautiful lace texture.

Mozzarella cheese is one more tasty delicacy for your dog.

No matter which type of cheese you choose to reward your dog for something good he has done ( as cheese should be a special treat, a reward ) always keep in mind that moderation is a key.

One thin slice or even a half of the slice ( the whole slice is more adequate for larger dogs than Cavapoo), one small cube ( 1/2 of the inch ) of cheese is OK every now and than.

Can Your Cavapoo Eat Yogurt or Sour Cream?

Both Yogurt and Sour Milk are easier to digest when you compare it to straight milk. Again you should check first if your little friend is lactose intolerant before you give him any dairy product.

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs can eat yogurt but like any other dairy product, occasionally and in very small quantities.

Yogurt is rich in calcium and can act as probiotic with is great for digestive system but if your dog eats to much or if he is lactose intolerant, yogurt can provoke some problems such as diarrhea and vomiting.

Make sure you only serve plain yogurt ( such as Greek-style version) to your little friend. At any circumstances never give your Cavapoo sweetened versions no matter sweeteners are artificial or natural. Forget about fruit yogurts or chocolate yogurts. These can be toxic to your Cavapoo.

Sour cream – is another dairy product that is quite safe for your Cavapoo if taken in small quantities as a treat. Sour cream is rich in calcium and some brands contain probiotic but also it is high fat and sodium so moderation is a magic word.

One tablespoon of sour cream every now and then can be a very nice thing to offer your Cavapoo.

Can Your Cavapoo Eat An Ice Cream?

According to the American Kennel Club – Ice Cream is not an adequate snack for your dog, it is better to eat it alone rather than to share it with your Cavapoo.

There are various reasons for that:

  1. Ice Cream is made of milk. Even if your little friend is not lactose intolerant, dogs are simply not designed to digest milk. A much better alternative is frozen yogurt as it is fermented so contains less lactose than straight milk or milk-based products. Of course, stay away from commercial versions as they are loaded with sugar. Make your own frozen yogurt instead. Take simple, plain yogurt and just put in the freezer.
  1. Ice Cream is full of sugar. Sugar is something your Cavapoo shouldn’t consume. Sugar intake can lead to obesity and pancreatitis. Be super careful if you run into ”sugar-free” ice cream as this version is even less safe. Read the label carefully and if you notice artificial sweeteners such as xylitol forget about ice cream as this substance is highly toxic to dogs.
  1. Ice Cream flavors – some flavors of ice cream can be literally toxic to dogs such as chocolate. Chocolate contains theobromine which dogs cannot process at all. Avoid ice creams with macadamia nuts or coffee beans in it. Also, ice cream with walnuts, pistachio and other unsafe nuts should be avoided. Vanilla is the safest flavor.

If you want your Cavapoo to enjoy ice cream, after all, make it in your kitchen with safe ingredients. You can mix bananas, peanut butter and yogurt to make a delicious frozen snack that your Cavapoo will love.

Can Cavapoo Eat Butter?

Butter is not a recommended food for dogs. It has a high fat content and it’s made of milk which may cause certain stomach issues to some dogs.

If your Cavapoo accidentally ate some butter, he should be just fine but avoid giving butter on purpose to your dog in the future. Saturated fats and some fatty oils in the butter may lead to obesity and many health issues.

Final Thought

Dairy products are not something that should be on your Cavapoo’s regular menu. Milk should be avoided but yogurt and sour cream are products that you could occasionally give your Cavapoo as a special treat. Some types of cheese as well, especially those low in fat and salt.

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