Is it Better To Have One or Two Border Collies?

Dogs can bring so much joy in our lives and breed like Border Collie in particular. Border Collies are energetic, intelligent, and loyal dogs so you might think that having two Collies is an even greater joy than just having one. Is this true?

Border Collie is a herding breed and as such shows dominant nature which can be a problem if you tend to have two Border Collies. Although these dogs are collective and calm in nature they can be fairly aggressive towards other dogs. Hereof, we can conclude that it’s better to have one Border Collie. But If introduced and socialized properly, two Border Collies can become good friends. Nevertheless, you should bring the second Border Collie to your home at least two years after the first one came into your life. Taking two Border Collies from the same litter is not recommended.

Does Border Collie Need A Dog Companion?

Even though Border Collies are herding dogs that can be dominant and aggressive towards other dogs, they are pack animals and therefore able to enjoy other dog company. Will two Border Collies establish a good relationship depends on many factors. On the top of the list are the dog’s personality and age.

First of all, the age of the first dog. If you bring the second dog to your Collie too early (before the second birthday), it can turn into a complete mess. Don’t put yourself in the situation to have two puppies ( from the same litter or not) who learn new things at the same time. Training two puppies simultaneously can be very challenging.

The first dog should be mature enough, trained ( socialization and obedience training are a must), with good habits and manners before you bring a new puppy to your home.

Second of all, your first Border Collie’s personality is important when deciding about a second dog. As you know, dogs are different. Even the dogs of the same breed might be so different and not get along well.

That’s why it’s recommended to introduce them to some neutral terrain, let them hang out first, and then see if they are compatible or not.

The point is that your Border Collie may enjoy another dog’s company but pay special attention to when and how you will introduce another dog to your Collie.

What Are The Benefits of Having Two Border Collies?

Two Border Collies that get along can be great company to each other especially when you leave them alone in the house.

Since this breed is highly active and very energetic, they need a lot of daily exercises. Two Border Collies that live together, get along well, and are similar in size, will provide each other with most of the daily exercise. Not to forget the social interaction with the same species which is also quite important for mental health.

If the older Border Collie is a well-behaved dog with good manners and habits, the younger one will learn from him.

It’s pleasant and can be quite funny watching two Border Collies running and playing together.

Should I Get Male or Female Companion For My Border Collie?

The general rule of thumb is that the second dog should be of the opposite sex. So if you already have a female, get a male and vice versa. No matter which gender you pick, note that both males and females are highly energetic dogs that need plenty of daily exercises and mental stimulation.

Although there are certain characteristics that are the same for both males and females, each gender has its own features. For example, males are generally more outdoorsy types, welcoming dogs, while females are more attentive, focused, and loyal.

Note that two Border Collies of the same gender are not a good combination. The same-sex dogs may compete with each other and fight over the position in the ”pack”.

What Are The Cons of Getting Another Border Collie?

They might get along well but still crave your attention very much and now instead of one, you have two dogs to pay attention to.

On the other hand, they might be neutral with each other ( don’t fight or anything) meaning they lay down while you are not there and once you show up, jump on their feet ready to burn an immense amount of energy in play/training with you.

Border Collies are prone to jealousy, especially in the situation when your dog thinks that you don’t pay enough attention to him.

Bottom line – every dog has its needs and requires individual attention which means that living with two Border Collies instead of one can be harder. With two Border Collies, you will double the workload.

Don’t forget that your expenses will arise. As you need to take care of two Border Collies you will need to buy more food, more dog toys, and other supplies, medical care…

How To Live With Two Border Collies?

If you are sure that you want another Border Collie and you want it for the right reasons ( to keep your first dog a company or you simply want to have two Border Collies) you should know a few things which make your life easier if you live with two dogs.

  • Make sure your old and new dog meet on some neutral terrain for the first time.

  • First you can just walk them on the leash, that way they can see each other but don’t have to interact with each other

  • Next step would be to allow them to investigate a potty spot, as urine -sniffing is important source of information for all dogs
  • If your Border Collies show friendly attitude towards each other, you can let them investigate each ther off-leash in enclosed area.
  • When you decide to bring your new Collie to your home, make sure you have someone who will take your resident dog for a walk. Let the new dog explore your house alone.
  • Make sure every dog has its own toys, blanket, sleeping pillow or doggy bed. Especially pay attention that every Collie has its own food and water bowl.
  • It’s a good piece of advice that you feed your Collies separately, but not only to provide two bowls but also to feed them in two different rooms or even in different time. To avoid any issue that may arise over food.
  • Supervise their play at first.
  • Make sure your new Border Collie has a proper set of training ( puppy pre-school, obedience training …) the same as your older Collie went through.


Getting another Border Collie can be a rewarding experience if you do it right. Make sure your resident Collie is a mature and well-behaved, obedient, and trained dog before you bring a puppy to your home.

Don’t forget that Border Collie is a dog of one person, so in case of having two Collies, you will need to pay a good amount of attention to two dogs which can be time-consuming. Not to forget that having two dogs is more expensive and challenging.

But if you have a trained Collie and you really want to get another one, to keep your resident dog a company, you have enough space and resources to support two dogs, you have time and willingness to pay attention to two energetic dogs then I can just say – Go for it!

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